Completed January 2008


Technical Details
Digibeta, colour, stereo, 84 minutes

Written and directed by
Barbara Caspar

Dramaturgic Advice
Reinhard Jud

Appearances by
Victor Bockris | Wendy Bowers | Lynn Breedlove | Kathy Brew | Dennis Cooper | Leslie Dick | Mel Freilicher | Jeff Goldberg | Sue Golding aka Johnny de Philo | Kathleen Hanna | Richard Hell | Gary Indiana | Kevin Killian | Sylv::re Lotringer | Marcia Resnick | Avital Ronell | Sherree Rose | Barney Rosset | Carolee Schneemann | Amy Scholder | Ira Silverberg | Alan Sondheim | Betsy Sussler | Matias Viegener | Peter Weibel | Peter Wollen

Young Students
Jessica J. Andres | Alyssa Chase | Hadley Hege | Michelle Hernandez | Laura Hughes | Brenna McGuire | Abigail Schoenberg | Jacqueline Shea

Animated Characters based on performances by:
Jessica J. Andres
Additional Janey Scenes:
Brenna McGuire
The Scorpions:
Thalia Thelen
| Michelle Hernandez | Trinity Rose
Adam Green
Salvatore Abbadessa
Young man in cinema:
Jos:¦ Cruz
Justin Lane
The Censor's Voice:
Peter Waldenberger

Marco Zimprich (aac)

Artistic Collaboration & Additional Cinematography
Andrew Standen-Raz

Andreas Neureiter

Camera Assistants
Patrick Bissen (NYC) | Ina Fischer (Vienna)

Edited by
Karina Ressler | Julia Kloiber | Claudia Nussbaumer | Markus Bader

Joerg Vogeltanz | Anna-Maria Jung

Roland Hackl | Steadyworks
Werner Leiner
| Thomas Pronai

Sound mix
Martin Merc

Kurt Hennrich | 1z1 | Milos Mraz

Colour Grading
Kurt Hennrich | 1z1 | Klaus Pramminger

Hermann Redlingshofer | Birgit Bachler

Sound Recording NYC
Chris Bravo

Set Design NYC
Dominika Ksel

Unit Production Manager (NYC)
Justin Lane

Legal Counsel
Markus Boesch | Ploil Krepp & Partner (Vienna) | Thomas G. M:¹ller (Munich)

Executives in Charge of Production
Peter Donke (Vienna) | Iris Karmaat (Cologne) | Ruth Fröhner (Cologne)

Line Producers
Ole Landsjöaasen | Uli M:¹ller-Uri | Karin Haager

Executive Producer
Andrew Standen-Raz | Janna Velber

Commissioning Editor ZDF/ARTE
Kathrin Brinkmann

Commissioning Editor ORF (Film/Fernsehabkommen)
Johanna Hanslmayr

Annette Pisacane | Barbara Caspar | Markus Fischer

Film and Video Sources
'No one can find little girls anymore'
written, directed by Jonathan Dawson
| produced by Jonathan Dawson | Felicity Dawson

'Blank Generation'
Copyright ©1979 Roger Deutsch
| directed by Ulli Lommel | produced by Roger Deutsch

produced by Christoph Dreher
| Rolf S. Wolkenstein

'Ave X'
directed by Joe Gallant
| footage courtesy of Hustler Video

'The Transfigured Body'
Leslie Asako Gladsjo

'Seeing is believing'
'Helter Skelter'
directed, produced by Lynn Hershmann

'Don Quijote de Orson Welles'
Oja Kodar ©1992

'The Looseleaf report'
produced by Victoria Looseleaf ©1993, 2006
NARA (National Archives & Records Administration), Maryland

'Ins Leere'
Astrid Ofner

'Subway Riders'
'The Blank Generation (1976)'
Amos Poe, Ivan Kral, Johanna Heer

'ID, it’s dance'
'AS Mailart, Tribute to Ray Johnson'
Arleen Schloss

'The Blue Tape (1974)'
produced, co-directed by Alan Sondheim
ABC News Videosource
Helinet Aviation Services

'Did You See?' (1984)
'Saturday Review' (1985)
'Did You See?' (1987),
'Arena: Robert Mapplethorpe' (1987)
©BBC Motion Gallery
British Pathe
| ITN Source
ITN Source
ITN Source
| Reuters
The Poetry Center & American Poetry Archive, San Francisco State University
The Roland Collection of Films on Art
The Institute of Contemporary Arts
Steeplechase Films, Inc. The Films of Ric Burns

Photographs courtesy of
Wendy Bowers | Kathy Brew | Michel Delsol | Larry Fink | Marcia Resnick | Kate Simon | Kim Stringfellow | Del Lagrace Vulcano

Kathy Acker Film Stills from 1984 South Bank Show ©Courtesy Art + Commerce
The Museum of Contemporary Arts, Chicago & Jon Langford
Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections Department, Brandeis University
©Twentieth Century Fox

Original Soundtrack composed & performed by Roland Hackl
Courtesy of Steadyworks (2008)

'Sex on Wheelz' (R.T. mix)
Performed by: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Written by: Groovie Mann & Buzz McCoy
©Sleaze Box Music Ltd.
| BMI 2006

'Waiting for Sunrise'
Performed by Supermarket
Written by Niki Horak
Produced by Roland Hackl
Courtesy of Copyright Control

'They Want Us To Make A Symphony Out Of The Sound Of Women Swallowing Their Own Tongues' | 'Keep on Living' | 'Bang! Bang!'
Performed by Le Tigre
Courtesy of Kathleen Hanna

'Sugar' | 'Rebel Girl'
Performed by Bikini Kill
Courtesy of Kathleen Hanna

'Pussy King of the Pirates'
Performed by The Mekons and Kathy Acker
Courtesy of Jon Langford & Susie Honeyman

'Richard Hell and the Voidoids live'
Performed by The Voidoids featuring Richard Hell
Composed by Richard Hell
Courtesy of Richard Hell

'The Temple of Eros' | 'President Bush' | 'I will stay with you tonight'
Performed by Kathy Acker, Lynn Breedlove
Published by Chunball music, ASCAP

'Tribe 8 - live at the Cherry Club'
Recorded 2005
Courtesy of Lynn Breedlove

'Marquis De Sade'
Performed by Diamanda Galas
Engineered & Recorded by Blaise Dupuy
Courtesy of Diamanda Galas

Quotations from the following books by Kathy Acker
'Blood and Guts in High School'
Grove Press, New York, 1978

'Great Expectations'
Grove Press, New York, 1982

'Don Quixote, which was a dream'
Grove Press, New York, 1986

'Empire of the senseless'
Grove Press, New York, 1988

'In memoriam to identity'
Grove Press, New York, 1990

'My mother: a demonology'
Grove Press, New York, 1993

'Pussy king of the pirates'
Grove Press, New York, 1996

'Hannibal Lecter, my father'
semiotext(e)nativeagents, series, New York, 1991

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